Stay Positive in Tough Times

As the world is beginning to get back to normal after the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to stay positive in tough times and learn from the experience.

The Struggle

You may have struggled, lost your job, been furloughed, or seen your business close. Purhapse you had the virus or know others that have unfortunately fallen victim. It might feel like everything is against you, or that you have lost too much.

However, you can build yourself back up from anything. You have the will and the strength to rise up. Believe in yourself. You can do it.

Stay Positive in Tough Times

There are positives you can take from the Coronavirus pandemic such as how all the communities rallied together, or how everyone listened to the Government guidelines to beat the deadly virus.

Technology has helped us continue to operate businesses from home and minimise the amount we have to interact. It might feel lonely but we are still connected through technology.

Some people will have benefitted from the situation. Such as saving money on petrol or public transport, getting to spend time with their families, and becoming fitter with regular exercise routines.

Whilst many businesses will have struggled, others have thrived, and those that were spending money on travel and staff expenses, now can see the benefit of Teams or Zoom or other video conferencing facilities.

So try to think of the good that has come out of the situation, and if yours is not so positive, try to take some reconciliation by remebering others in and around your communities have done okay.

5 Tips to Help Stay Positive

If you have heard all of that before and it’s just not enough, think about some of these to stay positive in tough times:

  • Reject Negativity; Tell yourself something positive, flip negative thoughts on their head. I tell myself ‘well that was a learning experience’
  • Environment; Fill your space with happy things, like flowers or just tidy up to help think clearly. Try to remove bad associations, like unhealthy snacks or keeping the curtains closed in daytime.
  • Little Steps; Don’t over do it all at once, take your time and realise that a positive mindset is built up over time.
  • Be a ‘yes’ person; Try saying ‘yes’ to things you may usually reject. Instead of closing off, open your mind to trying new things and letting go of your own worries – replace it with excitement and happiness.
  • Be Selfless; Help someone else for a while and put your own needs aside (within reason). Give someone your full attention as you would like. Their happiness that you give them will help on your path to positivity.


A Positivitive mindset is not achieved in isolation. We all get down at times, and there are very few people in the world that claim to never experience downs or sadness. It is normal.

Try to stay positive in tough times and keep battling against the odds. Normality will return, even if that looks different to how it was before, change happens for the best.

No matter what your situation. Keep positive, stay motivated, you will prevail.