Consistency is Key

Have you ever started a project, task or challenge with lots of motivation and enthusiasm? Have you been absolutely sure that this will be the thing that you stick at through thick and thin? Have you worked tirelessly at it for a day or maybe a week? Have you given up a few days later?

If you answered “yes” to all the questions above then you have what it takes to succeed, but you need to learn how to pace yourself, manage your workload and keep being consistent.

So many people now believe they are entitled to success and chase the “viral” dream, trying to get instant fame from a social platform. Hoping that their funny video, meme or quote is going to be seen by millions. If you fall into this category, then you need to change your mindset. Theoretically, going viral can happen to you, but in reality this happens to a minority of people. You are most likely setting yourself up to fail, or will quickly lose interest after posting five times and only two people see your hard work.

The truth is, 99% of people with an influence, social following or large subscriber base have worked tirelessly for it, part of what they do is value every follower instead of seeing them as a binary number. Avoid focusing on the number of followers you have or the number of likes you receive. When you focus on content and the value you give to others, you will grow, not only on your social channels, but also as an individual.

Consistency is key. Be patient, give value, build slowly and play the long game. You will win.

Joe Cullen, 2020

It is easy to be discouraged, but I encourage you to be strong and keep going. Change your approach from the short game (quick easy wins) to the long game (building up slowly over time).

Making the change to your mindset is not easy, and certainly not instant. You may need to experience things first hand and learn it yourself. That’s fine, just try not to get disheartened, look at any experience as a learning curve. It does not have to be negative or positive. Repeat good work but learn from mistakes.

Once you have the long term mindset, you can focus on being consistent. Being consistent means being dedicated and disciplined. It is easy to do for short periods but the longevity can be tiring, so don’t stretch yourself too quickly. Build up your skills and be confident before piling on a large workload.

To help keep your motivation high, you need to be working on things that you are truly passionate about and fully believe in. Hustling for something you do not agree with is not sustainable. Before starting, you should ask yourself what your passions and hobbies are. It is likely that a business idea based around your beliefs or interests are the topics you will be willing to carry on in difficult times. Hard times will come, they are unavoidable in life. You have to remain dedicated through these periods and enjoying what you are doing is part of the key to success. It might be necessary for you to try a few different things before you find your true calling, or, it might become part of your learning process to understand that you do not enjoy something as much as you first thought. Everything you do is an experience that you can use to grow.

Consistency is key to many things in business and with the uptake of so many social media platforms, it highlights this fact. You can physically see content creators uploading on a regular and reoccurring basis, all in an attempt to get noticed. So whether you consistently uploading content as a creative person, consistently give the same type of advice if you are a speaker, or consistently offer the same level of service if you are a business. It doesn’t matter your area of expertise, just remember to be consistent.

To recap, do these five key things to start being successful:

  • Change Mindset
  • Play the Long Game
  • Be Patient
  • Give Value
  • Remain Consistent

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