Ubitronics has been through some changes in its time. Learn how Joe has directed the business and how it has developed into what you see today.

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Creatively Everyday is a young business that Joe co-owns with his partner. It is a creative outlet for them to pass on their knowledge.

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Strong Mindset – Podcast

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Discover how you can improve your mindset and strengthen it to achieve more, in work and in life. Increase your productivity and confidence in the real world by being consistent, reliable and thoughtful. You will be amazed the difference it makes, not only to you, but those around you too.


Get Stuck In

Whether you are on a journey of self discovery or aiming to setup a business and establish yourself, the fundamental principles are the same. The key to success starts with you, your mindset and the way you approach problems. Before you can truly succeed, you need to know what you are looking for and aiming towards. You can then provide meaningful solutions that get you closer to your end goal.

“Set meaningful goals, be disciplined and aim to achieve them. If the goal is large, set sub-goals to make the bigger picture achievable over time.”

Joe Cullen, 2019

One problem in today’s society is that everyone feels the need it have it now. Patience is seen as a weakness and therefore not tolerated. The truth is, anything worth doing will take time and effort. You are not going to get to your end goals without discipline and hard work. That’s not to say you cant take it one step at a time and pace yourself.

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“Mindset is one of the primary things that drives success. Who’s driving you?”

Joe Cullen, 2019

Achieve Anything

Joe strongly believes anything that can be articulated and described is achievable. It does not always come easily and may require sacrifice, commitment and hard-work, but the underlying principle remains the same.

“With dedication comes success. Put in the hard work and play the long game. You will see the benefits.”

Joe Cullen, 2019

Joe decided to talk about his career experiences, approach to business and working life after seeing many people struggle to find a suitable balance.

“With the right mindset and the right planning, every individual can achieve their true potential.”

Joe Cullen, 2019

Joe understands that everyone is on their own journey through life. His aim is to help positively influence those seeking direction. By making the right choice for yourself, it will positively guide your next decision.

“There are many pathways in life. You can choose any of them. Follow the path that is right for you.”

Joe Cullen, 2019

Sky is the Limit

Joe is not a motivational speaker but he does realise that his content can positively motivate. He attempts to make every message meaningful to you and have value. Join him on your favourite social channels to engage further.

Joe is not qualified to give you expert advice but he does believe his words are accurate. He has complete confidence the messages he sends will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Generally this manifests into being productive, having a good work ethic and understanding how to balance your life.